Year 1968
Studio ???
Producer Luis Enriquez Vergara

Jack Hill

Juan Ibanez

Writer Jack Hill
Music ???
Cast Boris Karloff
Length ???

Alien Terror

‘‘ What's got into you?! ’’

alienterror picture In a "European" village of the late 1890's, Professor Mayer (played by Boris Karloff) and his assistant Isabel have created a ray machine that burns a hole through the ceiling of their lab and attracts a flying saucer!

The aliens decide that the ray poses too great of a threat to their kind and decide that the ray and all who have worked on it must be destroyed.

A sex murderer in the local area is the first unfortunate victim of the alien terror. He becomes possessed by an alien intelligence and proceeds to infiltrate the Professor's household.

Eventually, the Professor himself is then taken over by an alien mind transference. The alien "Professor" then rigs the ray gun to self-explode. A battle of wills then ensues (mostly that of the audience trying to remain awake).

The Professor eventually throws off the alien intelligence but realizes that the ray is too powerful for human use, and he destroys the ray gun himself. The aliens depart. The house burns down.

Supposedly influenced by HPL's "The Thing on the Doorstep".

This gem was filmed in Mexico and was one of Karloff's last films.