Year 2000
Studio Studio Interzona

Valerio Zuccon

Ian Zuccon

Director Ian Zuccon
Writer Ian Zuccon


Acid Vacuum


Michael Segal

Emanuele Cerman

Roberta Marrelli

Giuseppe Gobbato

Caterina Zanca

Alessio Pascutti

Francesco Malaspina

Laura Coratti

Claudio ViganellI

Length 70 mins

The Beyond (L’Altrove)

‘‘ Where is the book? ’’

Baghdad 1571, philosopher Al Caleb is asked by Dr. John Dee to translate some pages of the "Necronomicon" from ancient arabic. Arkam 500 years later: a copy of the Necronomicon, the terrible book written by Abdul Alhazred, able to stir up the most obscure forces of darkness, is still in the hands of men. Survivors of the human race, on the brink of extinction, are fighting a war without time against the creatures of darkness embodied by their dead compainons. Inspired by the visionary genius of H.P. Lovecraft.

The tales of Lovecraft that have influenced the movie are: The History of the Necronomicon, The Statement of Randolph Carter, The Descendant (completed by Frank Thierney), The Book, The Nameless City, and others... L’Altrove was born as a short movie, but the director decided to realize new sequences necessary to transform the short into a feature film. L’Altrove/The Beyond is the first feature film of the director Ivan Zuccon.


IVAN ZUCCON is a 28-year-old who studied law but started making films in 1993, initially on super-8 and later on video. His short films include: L’Amico di Nessuno, La Radio, Zone d’Ombra, Una Favola di Morte and a half-hour version of L’Altrove (made in 1998). DeGenerazione (1998), L’Ultima Cena (1999) and L’Albero Capovolto (2000). Feature Film, the long version of L’Altrove (70 mins - 2000). In 1999/2000 Ivan Zuccon was an assistant to the Italian director Pupi Avati for the film La Via degli Angeli. On April 2000 signed a contract with Prescription Films for the International Distribution of the feature film L’Altrove/The Beyond. From August the 15 to September the 30, will be on the set of the sequel of L’Altrove. The new film will be entitled Il Figlio dell’Altrove / Call of Beyond.

Screen at the 2000 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.