Year 1982
Studio Independent
Producer Robert G. Tapert
Director Sam Raimi
Writer Sam Raimi
Music Joseph LoDuca

Bruce Campbell

Ellen Sanderweiss

Hal Delrich

Betsy Baker

Sarah York

Length 85 mins

The Evil Dead

‘‘ Come and get some. ’’

The original Evil Dead was started on shoestring budget of $50,000 by the 23-year-old writer/director Sam Raimi (Joel Cohen of the infamous Cohen Brothers was assistant editor on this film).

Started in 1979 and shot on 16mm, this original and surprisingly successful movie spawned two sequels and the career of Bruce Campbell.

The story is about a group of five students who vacation in a remote and creepy mountain cabin. They discover the "Necronomicon" in the basement along with a tape recording and, not being intelligent enough to leave well enough alone, play back the recording (a resurrection passage translated from the Necronomicon) and unleash an Evil force from the woods. Soon, one by one, the students turn into "deadites," and the survivors learn the hard way that the only way to kill a deadite is by dismemberment. Eventually only brave Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) survives.

Recommended viewing.