Year 2000
Studio KAOS Producciones
Producer Gilberto Villarroel
Director Ricardo Harrington
Writer Gilberto Villarroel
Music Fractal

Rodrigo Sepúlveda

Luis Alarcón

Fernando Gallardo

Paulina Harrington

Renzo Oviedo

Christián Campos

Length 45 mins

Chilean Gothic

‘‘ Richard Upton Pickman, the greatest artist I have ever known—and the foulest being that ever leaped the bounds of life into the pits of myth and madness. ’’

Chilean Gothic is an excellent adaptation of the short story Pickman's Model by H.P. Lovecraft.

Protagonist Gabriel Martinez (Rodrigo Sepúlveda) is a journalist obsessed with finding the truth about the death of a colleague and friend Aníbal Neira (Gilberto Villarroel) who was brutually murdered while researching a news article on American painter Richard Upton Pickman (Renzo Oviedo) who's disturbing work recreates the mythological monsters of Chilean folklore and other aberrant creatures.

Martinez through an art professor (Luis Alarcón) tracks the artist to Santiago. Soon the journalist arrives at Chiloé where the painter resides and experiences an intense and overflowing nightmare when he discovers the truth.

Originally shot on 16mm then edited on Betacam SP with English subtitles, Chilean Gothic, based on a strong screenplay by Gilberto Villarroel, makes excellent use of locations and actors.

Chilean Gothic will be screened at the 2001 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival. For more information check out their website at