The Shunned Shorts

In 1914 Lovecraft wrote an essay entitled "What Amateurdom and I Have Done for Each Other." The paper is a kind of heart-felt confessional. In it, Lovecraft declared that being able to publish essays, reviews, poetry, and fiction in amateur journals gave him "a renewed will to live; a renewed sense of existence as other than a superfluous weight . . . a sphere in which I could feel that my efforts were not wholly futile. For the first time I could imagine that my clumsy gropings after art were a little more than faint cries lost in the unlistening void."

The short videos and films presented here have more than a passing resemblance to HPL's "faint cries" and "clumsy gropings." All are amateur efforts, made by poverty-stricken student flimmakers with little more than a great wealth of admiration for the works of H.P. Lovecraft in their pockets.

We offer no criticism of the shorts presented in the following pages. It would be silly to critique films and videos made with borrowed equipment, trespassed locations, and family members as actors. Instead, we let the flimmakers speak for themselves in their own essays/confessionals, telling us why they felt the need to capture the wordy and decidedly non-action-packed stories of H.P. Lovecraft onto their screens, creating a unique cinematic branch of HPL's life-saving amateurdom in the process.