Year 1994
Studio N/A
Producer Aaron Vanek
Director Aaron Vanek
Writer Aaron Vanek
Music ??

Herb Lichtenstein

Kathryn Grady

David David Katzman

Length 8 mins

The Outsider

‘‘ It was to the books I gravitated to, all others were outsiders, distant and cold... ’’

outsider picture The Outsider was the winner of the 1996 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Best Student Adaptation. The film starts out slow but finishes in a satisfying and haunting conclusion.

The premise is that of a man already dead yet unaware of his true condition. Through a series of flashbacks the Outsider re-lives his memories of his lost love and his eventual death.

outsider2 pictureAlthough not completely faithful to the short story, Aaron Vanek's The Outsider captures and holds on to that Lovecraftian atmosphere that most filmmakers lose. His use of interior shots are effective and the makeup effects of the ghoul are outstanding! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about his choice of exterior shots.

The Outsider was also screened at the first annual Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF) in 1994 and went on to screen at the next two CapriCon science fiction/fantasy conventions in Illinois (1994-95).

It is now available on Lurker in the Lobby: The Best of the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Volume I.