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3 Although it is convincingly suggested in certain shunned tomes (for example THE COMPLETE DIRECTORY TO PRIME TIME NETWORK TV SHOWS: 1946 - PRESENT by Tim Brooks & Earle Marsh. 1981 edition, page 731. Ballantine Books) that from March, 1949 to August, 1954 a series called SUSPENSE, "Adapted works of Poe and Lovecraft frequently," I could not locate any episodes for viewing nor could I find references to specific tales which were adapted for the series. SUSPENSE was aired live so maybe no recordings exist.

4 Pickman's Model (Weird Tales, 1927) and Cool Air (Weird Tales, 1928) are generally considered part of Lovecraft's "earlier work" and are for all intents and purposes straight horror tales independent of and predating his "Cthulhu Mythos." The Mythos, for which Lovecraft is perhaps best known, originated with his The Call of Cthulhu, first published in "Weird Tales" in February, 1928 and was expanded in subsequent efforts.

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September 15, 1971 Miss_Lovecraft_Sent_Me Director: Gene Kearney Script: Jack Laird Stars: Joseph Campanella, Sue Lyon

November 10, 1971 Professor_Peabody's_Last_Lecture Director: Jerrold Freedman Script: Jack Laird Stars: Carl Reiner, Johnnie Collins III, Richard Annis, Louise Lawson, Larry Watson

December 1, 1971 Pickman's_Model Director: Jack Laird Script: Alvin Sapinsley Stars: Bradford Dillman, Louise Sorel, Donald Morrat, Jock Livingston, Joshua Bryant, Joan Tompkins.

December 8, 1971 Cool Air Director: JeannotSzwarc Script: Rod Serling Stars: Barbara Rush, Henry Darrow, BeatriceKay, Larry Blake, Karl Lucas.

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