Year 1992
Studio TBS
Show Innsmouth wo oou kage

Nanba Kazuhiro

Toda Ikuo

Director Nasuda Jun
Writer Konaka Chiaki

Sano Shirou

Shingyouji Kimie

Kawai Michiko

Ishibashi Renji

Saitou Yousuke

Maruse Tarou

Musaka Naomasa

Fujiwara Kyouhei

Length 57 mins.

Innsmouth Wo Oou Kage

‘‘Git aout o' here! They seen us—git aout fer your life. Dun't wait fer nothin'—they know naow!’’

Based on the novellaThe Shadow over Innsmouth by H. P. Lovecraft, Innsmouth Wo Oou Kage makes a decent attempt at bringing to the small screen Innsmouth in all of its decay and the degenerate people who live there.

Set on the coast of Japan, a reporter visits Innsmouth to write an article for a travel magazine. Getting to Innsmouth is difficult as the only bus into town is for “locals only” thus posing the question, “Why would anyone want to travel to Innsmouth in the first place?”

A perky young female taxi driver is willing to whisk our protagonist away to Innsmouth where upon entering the town, he heads to the nearest Sushi bar for a quick snack.

But looking around it is hard to tell today's fish special from the local patrons and he quickly loses his appetite. (The towns people “Innsmouth look”makeup effects are good when subtle, like the 4-inch gills, but at times are over the top when using full fishhead masks.)

The famous chase scene in Lovecraft's story had to be handled differently because of cultural differences (yes, it is hard to lock and secure rice paper doors from being kicked in by an angry mob).

In an eerie scene, the town people purposefully walk and slither toward him but suddenly ignore him as he is reunited with his mother who forces him to realize his true heritage whilst Dagon rises from the ocean behind them.

In a neat ending, the reporter summits his article on Innsmouth, along with a stack of photos, to his editor, As we see the editor flip through the photos, he sees the shocking transformation of the reporter into a Deep One.

Recommended viewing.