Year 1999
Studio Cine Qua Non Films
Show Out of Mind
Producer Michel Ouellette
Director Raymond St-Jean
Writer Barre Lyndon

Christopher Heyerdahl

Art Kitching

Peter Farbridge

Pierre Leblanc

Length 54 mins

Out of Mind

‘‘Is that my image on your shirt?’’

Incredible is the best word to describe this film. One thing that makes Out of Mind stand out is the actor who portrays Lovecraft. He is uncanny and you feel like you are watching some long lost News-reel footage of the master himself.

Out of Mind truly casts an entertaining eye on the work of H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937), one of the early 20th century's masters of gothic-horror literature. The film offers an encounter with Lovecraft and enters into his world. The film playfully winks at some of the themes characteristic of his HPL's work: the occult, cursed books, monstrous creatures, ancestry and the cosmos. Out of Mind draws its inspiration from Lovecraft's personal correspondence and many of his stories, carrying the viewer through a labyrinth "beyond the wall of sleep."

This is one of the highest ratings we have given a film yet. It is very gratifying to see a serious treatment of Lovecraft and the world he created.