Year 1994
Studio HBO
Show Witch Hunt

Gale Anne Hurd

Michael R. Joyce

Director Paul Schrader
Writer Joseph Dougherty

Dennis Hopper

Penelope Ann Miller

Julian Sands

Length 100 mins

Witch Hunt

‘‘If God doesn't destroy Hollywood, He owes Sodom and Gomorra an apology.’’

That's one of the better lines in HBO's made-for-television sequel to Cast A Deadly Spell . Screenwriter Joseph Dougherty is back behind the word processor, but this time he's left the Lovecraft Mythos on the cutting-room floor and has come up with a rather bland magic-cum-detective story.

Paul Schrader directs a terribly miscast Dennis Hopper as the un-magical detective, H. Phillip Lovecraft. Whatever movie Hopper is in doesn't seem to be the one set in 1953 Hollywood; Hopper looks more confused than the plot, which concerns a Joseph McCarthy-like U.S. Senator, played by Eric Bogosian, chairing the Sub-Committee of Un-Natural Activities. The Senator is on a silly crusade to stamp out magic—it's silly because magic is legal and witches are licensed by the state.

At a witch-burning rally the Senator gets magically exposed for the hypocrite he is under a sign that reads: NO MORE MAGIC IN HOLLYWOOD.

There definitely is no magic in this Hollywood product, and absolutely nothing of H.P. Lovecraft.